Chatstep Review | How To Create Private, Secure Chatrooms With Chatstep

Chatstep Review | How To Create Private, Secure Chatrooms With Chatstep

The need for chatrooms is very frequent for those who work with a group of people. You need to share ideas, files, discuss topics, solve problems and what not. It also saves time and money. The team members do not need to travel to attend meetings and discussions. Yes, you can create, Google groups or Whatsapp groups but these platforms are good enough only for normal discussions. Also, you need mobile numbers or email addresses to connect using Whatsapp, Facebook or Google Groups.

So, for such situations, there are chatrooms available over the internet which you can use to chat with several people at a time without any hassle. But creating a private and secure chatroom at a reliable portal is not easy.

I also got to know about a chatroom from one of my friend which I tried and loved it. Chatstep is a decent online platform for creating online chatrooms without any pre-registration. Here is the review of ChatStep explaining all its features and the steps to use it.

Easy To Use

The thing which I liked most about ChatStep is the ease of use. ChatStep is pretty simple and easy to use service where you can create chat rooms and add people quickly and easily. When you visit ChatStep, it provides you with a small panel containing the placeholders for entering your details and that’s it. There is nothing else on the home page. You don’t need to go anywhere else to create and use chatrooms on ChatStep.

No Signup required

This feature makes ChatStep different and better from other chatrooms. ChatStep doesn’t need you to create any account. It doesn’t ask you to signup for it. In many chatrooms, creating an account is necessary. You need to use an email address and the chatroom name in order to use it. Without creating an account you can’t use them.

But that’s not in the case with ChatStep. ChatStep lets you create your own account but that’s optional. You only need to set a chatroom name, pick a nickname and start inviting people to the chatroom. It lets you share the link to the chatroom by copying and pasting it anywhere to send to your friend. When the other person receives you ChatStep chatroom invite, after clicking on the link, he/she will have to set a nickname and enter the chatroom.

Share Files

If you want to send files in the chatroom then ChatStep also provides you that option. Send unlimited files to your chatroom. However, there is a drawback. You can only share image files. Sharing other types of documents is not possible. You can share screenshots, project images, etc. over the chatroom. Also, for sharing the images you need to create an account. You cannot share images without registration.

If you need to share files other than images then you can use an online project management tool like Barvas.

Safe And Secure

An ideal chatroom is one which provides you safety and security. And ChatStep understands it very well. The connection is protected with HTTPS. It encrypts all your messages even before you click the send button. ChatStep doesn’t store your messages and deletes them when you close your chatroom. It doesn’t read or copy your messages. So, you can talk something personal here and then delete the chatroom afterwards, no one could ever track your messages. So, it’s totally safe to use.

Using ChatStep is easy. Create chatrooms within no time on ChatStep. For creating chatroom on ChatStep, simply head to its official website. Now simply enter a name for your chatroom, for instance, here I named my chatroom “test”. Next, you have to select a nickname for yourself. Every member of the chatroom will require creating a nickname to distinguish between the messages of the chatroom members.

Once you have created your chatroom, click on the sharing button available at the left sidebar and copy the link to your chatroom. Now paste and send the chatroom link to your friends.

When your friend receives the chatroom link, after clicking on it, he/she will need to set a nickname and join the group. That’s all they need to do.

After that, you can chat with your friends and for sending the files, create a free account on ChatStep, log in with that account for chatting.

Pros Of ChatStep

  • Free to use.
  • Encrypts messages.
  • Safe and secure.
  • No need to create an account for creating a chatroom.
  • Add as many members as you want to the chatroom.

Cons Of ChatStep

  • Only image files can be shared.
  • You need to create an account for sending files on chatroom.

Final Words

Overall ChatStep is a great way to discuss things with a group. ChatStep offers a secure and easy way to create chatrooms and invite as many people as you want. You can create chatrooms without registration. Also, it encrypts your messages. So, yes, it’s a great and helpful site.

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